Original American Flyer No. 24558 Canadian Pacific Flatcar & Christmas Trees

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Tuscan Painted Black Plastic Flatbed. Large Hole Stamped Steel Trucks with Sintered Iron Side Frames with Simulated Coil Springs & Journal Covers. PA-9990 1946 Version Black Plastic Wheels. Eight Stakes. Two Piece Die Cast Brake Wheel. Great Working Knuckle Couplers. Four Original Tru-Scale Christmas Trees, Sold As Load for American Flyer No. 24558 Canadian Pacific. Tru-Scale Was American Flyer's Suppliers of The Christmas Trees used on No. 24558 Canadian Pacific Flatbed. Trees Came in A Plastic Bag. Most Trees were Glued onto the Flatbed by the Operator. These Trees Have Not Been Glued On & Came From A Master Carton of Trees Shipped to American Flyer. Handling the Trees Causes the Green Foliage to Flake off.