Smoke Box Rebuild Kit
  • Smoke Box Rebuild Kit
  • Smoke Box Rebuild Kit
  • Smoke Box Rebuild Kit
  • Smoke Box Rebuild Kit
  • Smoke Box Rebuild Kit

Smoke Box Rebuild Kit


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Smoke Box Rebuild Kit

Smoke Box Rebuild Kit


Smoke Box Rebuild Kit contains precut wick and nichrome wire, gasket for upper and lower lid, smoke box chamber insulator. All new parts

Put a few drops of Smoke Fluid on the ends of the wick and the area that the Nichrome Wire Wraps around. Roll the Area of the Wick; where you wrap the Nichrome Wire; between your fingers.  Roll the ends of the wick between your fingers until the end becomes pointed which makes it easier to thread the wick thru the holes. Wrap about 6" of wire around the center 1/2" of Wick. Make as neat a spiral as you can, does not have to be perfect. Pull the wick down having it hold the wire so it does not touch the smoke chamber insulator. Ideally there should be space around the wire at least there should be an air space above the wire. The wire does not solder so it needs to be wrapped around the leads several times. When you solder the powers wire to these leads the wrapping will be covered with the solder.

On the Fiber Top that screws on to the Smoke Unit there are two solder lugs with holes at the base of each solder lug. These holes need to be open, if there is solder closing the holes, remove the solder. These holes are just above the area where the wick is wrapped with the nichrome wire. The wire needs to go up thru the holes, wrapped around the solder lugs and the holes closed with solder. Wire does not need to be wrapped tightly. The wire will go around one solder lug down to the smoke wick and wrap around the wick like a spring about 1/2" and up thru the other hole and wrap around the solder lug.

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