8 American Flyer Cows for American Flyer No. 771 & 23771Operating Stock Yard

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8 American Flyer Cows for No. 771 & 23771. 4 black cows and 4 brown cows. Brown cows rotate counter-clockwise and black cows rotate clockwise. Cows are original American Flyer cows with new pads.  All cows have been hand cleaned and polished to remove as much of the release agent used during the molding process as possible. This agent ( Known as Mold Release)causes a condition that might make the piece look " Foggy or Milky". A light polish of the pieces will bring the color and gloss back to the original appearance. All cows are tested on American Flyers # 771 Operating Stockyard. Each cow will circle the coral then go up ramp individually. Due to Manufacturing imperfections and play conditions, cows faces and some paint loss are to be expected. Rishelam always has a 100% return guarantee if not satisfied.

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