American Flyer No 930 Illuminated Tuscan Cabbose, 937 Yellow/Tuscan MKT Boxcar, 940 Black Wabash Hopper


American Flyer No. 930 Illuminated Tuscan Caboose (1953-1957).

American Flyer No.937 Yellow/Tuscan MKT Boxcar (1953-1958)

American Flyer No. 940 Black Wabash Hopper (1953-1956)

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American Flyer No. 930 illuminated Tuscan caboose. Black plastic shell painted Tuscan, operating knuckle couplers and trucks with sintered iron side frames. Cleaned tested and works great.

American Flyer No. 937 M-K-T Yellow/Tuscan Boxcar. This boxcar has knuckle couplers and trucks with sintered iron sides frames (1953-1958). The boxcar has sheet metal door guides and frame. The cast-in ladders and grab irons are painted black. From 1955-1958 and the sides were painted yellow and the roof and ends were painted Tuscan. One piece brake wheel were used in this car.

American Flyer No. 940 Painted Black Wabash Hopper. PA 12D155, Knuckle couplers & Trucks with Sintered Iron Side Frames w Simulated Coil Springs & Journal Covers, Great Working Knuckle Couplers.

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